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Financial Secretary John Tsang joined a special phone-in programme with hosts Hugh Chiverton and Richard Harris.
2015-16 Budget Specials

Financial Secretary John Tsang delivered his Budget speech on February 25.

We broadcast the speech live with streaming video on our website, and carried live coverage of his news conference in the afternoon.

Mr Tsang joined Radio 3 for a phone-in special on Friday, February 27, from 8-9am. Listeners had the chance to put their concerns directly to the FS, who was also questioned by the programme hosts.

At one stage, Mr Tsang was asked about measures he had announced to help businesses affected by the recent Occupy movement:

Mr Tsang was also asked about hospital spending:

And on 7th March, we'll air the Financial Secretary's Letter to Hong Kong.

Tune in to Radio 3 for the fullest and fastest coverage of the budget.
The Big Idea: Evidence
The final programme in the current series focuses on the concept of "evidence". We persuade people of the rightness of our theories and assertions by logic or by evidence, or a combination of the two.

Evidence is a key concept in a number of domains, though it means different things to a lawyer, a scientist, or a historian. We love evidence: fictional crime stories nearly always turn on evidential drama, and the classic detective like Sherlock Holmes is expert at making material discoveries – a footprint, a bloodstain, a stolen document – that prove the guilt or innocence of parties suspected – or unsuspected – by the police. These adventures may not, however, correspond very closely to actual police or legal procedure.

Evidence can support, test, or falsify a theory: it’s the main business of courtroom testimony, of humanistic research, and of the experimental method of the sciences. It may be direct or circumstantial. But what counts as evidence? Can it conclusively and permanently prove a truth? Both scientists and lawyers have strict rules about what constitutes evidence, how it can be obtained and presented, what makes it admissible or not. Interestingly, the testimony of both scientists and legal witnesses is underwritten by a declaration of honour, and this is one thing that makes the production and disputation of evidence an always fascinating human drama.

Douglas Kerr takes evidence about evidence from two eminent legal figures, Simon Young and Marco Wan, both Associate Deans in the Faculty of Law at the University of Hong Kong.

Tune in to Radio 3 on Saturday morning from 8:30am-9am.
Gaybourhood - Sydney Mardi Gras Special with guest star Courtney Act
This week, it's Gay Xmas! No, we're not decking the halls…we're decking the floors! It's Queer Mardi Gras season Down Under and our hosts DJ STONEDOG and LA CHIQUITTA have your complete travel and party guide to this year's Sydney Mardi Gras festival. Plus, MG's official ambassador for 2015 is RuPaul's Drag Race (Season 6) superstar COURTNEY ACT and she'll be popping in to "The Gaybourhood" to talk all things Drag Race and Mardi Gras.

Tune in to Radio 3 on Saturday, 9pm-10pm.

Programme Schedule

Time Programme Presenter(s)
05:00-06:30 Night Music Music for night owls and early birds 
06:30-08:00 Hong Kong Today Michael Weeks and Ian Pooler 
08:00-09:00 The Financial Secretary Phone-in Hugh Chiverton and Richard Harris 
09:00-09:30 Backchat Hugh Chiverton and Richard Harris 
09:30-13:00 Morning Brew Phil Whelan 
13:00-13:15 News at One RTHK Newsroom  
13:15-15:00 1 2 3 Show Noreen Mir 
15:00-18:00 Steve James Steve James 
18:00-19:00 NewsWrap RTHK Newsroom  
19:00-21:00 Peter King Peter King  
21:00-22:00 Teen Time Alyson Hau 
22:00-23:00 All The Way with Ray Ray Cordeiro  
23:00-23:30 News at Eleven RTHK Newsroom  
23:30-01:00 All The Way with Ray Ray Cordeiro  
01:00-05:00 Night Music -  
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