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Today's Focus
There will be two Reflections From Asia this weekend.   On Saturday RFA will rebroadcast Harvey Stockwin's talk originally broadcast only on November 23rd,  exploring the background to the Xi-Abe meeting at the recent APEC summit in Beijing.   On Sunday Harvey Stockwin will present his assessment of the way in which Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was triumphant in the recent Japanese general election.(Saturday 7.30am-7.45am, Sunday 6.30pm-6.45pm)

Today's topic on Big Idea is Postcolonialism, which is perhaps the most important modality of the past fifty years in the humanities – the study of history, the arts, literature and culture. The most significant event of modern history was the rolling back of the great modern empires – the Portuguese and Spanish, Dutch and French, Russian, German, Ottoman, and British – which had coloured the map of the world in the nineteenth century. To discuss this, Professor Douglas Kerr is joined by Pheng Cheah, a Professor at the University of California at Berkeley and an authority on the postcolonial and cosmopolitan, and by Professor Stephen Chu, Head of the Hong Kong Studies programme at Hong Kong University.(Saturday 8.30am-9am)

This week World Vibes offers its Christmas special ! That's 2 hours of Christmas songs from all over the world, with a particular preponderance of Hispanic Aguinaldo & Villancico songs from all over Latin America ! Feliz Navidad, Maligayang Pasko, Joyeux Noël & a very Merry Christmas to all !(Saturday 1.10pm-3pm)

Imagine the cheekiest, gayest, raunchiest Xmas dinner party conversation ever- with microphones! Best of all- you're invited! Be guest of this evening's Gaybourhood and take your festive season seat at the table this Saturday 9pm on Radio 3. With special guests The Pop Fugitives, Drag icon Cleo Moans and Plug Magazine's Josie Mitchell.(Saturday 9pm-10pm)

Congratulations to Hong Kong's Top Story winners

Congratulations to all winners of Hong Kong's Top Story 2014, the writing competition co-organized by the SCMP and RTHK. And they are:

First: Jessica Chan
Second: Catherine Wang
Third: Rachel Ho
Most Creative Award: Kimberly NG

First: Christopher Wang
Second: Joanthan Johnson
Third: Roger Rengold
Most Creative Award: Edmund Price

For details, please visit HERE.
Brand new weekend morning line up

After nearly seven years of spreading mirth and merriment on the Radio 3 airwaves, our weekend morning guy Tim Littlechild has decided its time to spread his wings, and give out some "good news over sad music" to listeners in the UK. As we say "thanks, goodbye and best of luck" to Tim, the Morning Show listeners of "2BR" in Lancashire will be welcoming him very shortly. 

Meanwhile, we have a brand new weekend morning line up for you on Radio 3, starting with Judd Boaz, every Saturday from 9am-1pm. Join him for a freshly squeezed serving of "The Juice", featuring special guests, top tunes and lots of fun. ​Then, Carolyn Wright and Paul Haswell (AKA the Pop Fugitives), are plotting to make their escape every Sunday morning between 9.30 and 1. Join them to hear excellent music, including tracks from their album of the week, as well as interviews and live music in the studio.
Congratulations to Radio 3's Pinoy Life!

Congratulations to Radio 3's Pinoy Life!  The show, hosted by Aileen Alonzo and Jun Concepcion, which has won a top award in the Philippines. Pinoy Life was judged Best Radio Show in the Migration Advocacy and Media (MAM) Awards given out by the Commission on Filipinos Overseas. The programme was recongnised for having raised public awareness about issues on Filipino migration and for tackling problems affecting overseas Filipinos, particularly household service workers in Hong Kong.

Operation Santa Claus 2014

Even small change carries with it the power to make big changes. One of Hong Kong's biggest annual fundraising campaigns – Operation Santa Claus, organised by Radio Television Hong Kong and South China Morning Post, will be launched this evening, November 2014 at 7.15 at PMQ in Central. And it marks the beginning of a series of fundraising events which will be held throughout November and December.

Programme Schedule

Time Programme Presenter(s)
06:00-07:00 Early Show Stuart Clarkson  
07:00-07:30 Today at Seven RTHK Newsroom 
07:30-07:45 Reflections From Asia Harvey Stockwin 
07:45-08:00 Hong Kong Heritage Annemarie Evans 
08:00-08:30 Today at Eight RTHK Newsroom 
08:30-09:00 The Big Idea Douglas Kerr 
09:00-13:00 The Juice Judd Boaz 
13:00-13:10 News at One RTHK Newsroom 
13:10-15:00 World Vibes Pierre Tremblay  
15:00-17:00 3 O'clock Jump Charles Martin 
17:00-18:00 Chart Show with Alyson Hau Alyson Hau  
18:00-18:10 News At Six RTHK Newsroom 
18:10-20:00 Just Dance Simon Willson 
20:00-21:00 The Oz Hour Judd Boaz 
21:00-22:00 The Gaybourhood DJ Stonedog and La Chiquitta  
22:00-23:00 Cool Trax Francis Chan  
23:00-23:10 News at Eleven RTHK Newsroom 
23:10-02:00 Cool Trax Francis Chan  
02:00-06:00 Night Music Music for the small hours 
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