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Welcome to Wednesday's Money for Nothing. Our markets guest this morning is Macquarie’s Erwin Sanft. Next we have Kenrick Chung of Convoy Financial on their latest findings on the MPF. Our third guest is Paulo Pong of Altaya Wines on wine investment. Stewart Aldcroft is with us as our regular Wednesday co-host. (8am-8.30am, facebook or email )

On Backchat, we will talk about the Basic Law. It's 25 years since the mini constitution was promulgated. How is it faring? How do you interpret the current HK-Beijing relations? After 9.20, should suspects be covered during identity parades?  (8:30-9:30am, Call in 233 88 266 , facebook, email or text 6393 5925.)
Backchat Special: To Pocket Or Not?
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Backchat Special - Elsie Leung on Beijing's attitude to the CE election

Backchat Special - Legislator Albert Chan on potential CE candidates

Panelists discussed whether vetoing the political reform package would  marginalise the pan-democrats

The Government has just announced plans for how we could choose our Chief Executive in 2017.

Are they fair, transparent and a chance to seize the opportunity to achieve universal suffrage; to 'make it happen'?

...Or not?

In a special Backchat on May 1st (it's a holiday) we thrashed out the issue with you, and with some of the biggest names in Hong Kong politics.

Elsie Leung, Emily Lau, Albert Chan and WK Lam joined at our studio in Kowloon Tong.

The Backchat Team   
The Music Men

This Sunday morning at 8.30, Phil Whelan presents the fifth part of The Music Men. In six parts we'll find out about the work of the great movie score composers of the first half of the 20th Century. Phil takes a different genre of movie each week, like horror, war films, cartoons, Westerns. This week it's Asia in movies...well, how Hollywood saw it anyway. We feature, among others, the scores to the two most iconic films in which the star was...Hong Kong.
Peaks and Troughs

This Saturday morning at 8.30, join Anna Healy Fenton for the tenth programme in a twelve-part series entitled Peaks and Troughs. With a different angle each week, through interviews and stories, Anna looks at the ups and downs of life for the people of Hong Kong, and tackles a number of serious yet less well reported subjects. This week: Do You Know Where Your Parents Were Last Night? (9.5.2015, 8.30am-9am)

Peaks and Troughs is produced by Phil Whelan.

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