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Legislator Alan Leong
Today's Focus

On today's Letter to Hong Kong, Legislator Alan Leong will talk about the recent saga at the University of Hong Kong. (Sunday, 8:15am)
The 200th show of 3 O'Clock Jump

This week 3 O'Clock Jump presents its 200th show. That's 200 weeks of jazz of many types, all of it the best that can be found on the airwaves.

In those 200 weeks Charles Martin has introduced new jazz artists like Snarky Puppy and Brandee Younger, said farewell to old ones like Ornette Coleman and Charlie Haden, and noted the continued achievements of stalwart players and singers who still have plenty to say than we thought - people like drummer Jimmy Cobb and singer Catherine Russell. He's unearthed buried treasures from Peggy Lee and Wes Montgomery, gone to Cuba, Israel, France and beyond to find music that makes you tighten your earbuds and send texts like "TURN ON RADIO 3 NOW" to your friends.

This week, 3 O'Clock Jump will present - what else? - the best of the best. Charles Martin will cherry pick some of his favourite tracks from the past 199 shows, and we promise they will be gems - hard swinging, intriguing, soulful and great fun. Don't miss this once-every-200-weeks edition of 3 O'clock Jump.
(1 August, Saturday from 3 to 5 p.m.)

Book Club: 12 Years a Slave
On Sunday's Book Club, distinguished American-born actor Rhashan Stone reads this powerful and beautifully-written memoir of a free man, Solomon Northup, who was kidnapped and sold into slavery in the American South in 1841. The story, which also inspired Steve McQueen’s award-winning film of the same name, is abridged in five parts by Robin Brooks.  (Sunday, 6.45 pm -7pm)
Tales From the Penthouse

This Sunday morning at 8.30, join Singer and Band leader Pete Moore for, "Tales From the Penthouse". A little exposé of some of the great vocalists of the 20th century. Pete features stories about, and recordings by the owners some of the most iconic voices to ever have have hit the stage and the recording studio. This week: Billie Holiday (Sunday, 2.8.2015)

The Producer is Phil Whelan.

Programme Schedule

Time Programme Presenter(s)
06:00-07:00 Sunday Early Show Stuart Clarkson  
07:00-07:10 Weekend AM RTHK Newsroom 
07:10-08:00 Sunday Early Show Stuart Clarkson  
08:00-08:15 Weekend AM RTHK Newsroom 
08:15-08:25 Letter To Hong Kong
08:25-08:30 Thought for the Week Rev. Judy Chan 
08:30-09:00 Pete Moore's Tales from the Penthouse Pete Moore 
09:00-09:30 Sunday Smile Candice Moore 
09:30-13:00 Sunday Escape Carolyn Wright 
13:00-13:10 News at One RTHK Newsroom 
13:10-16:00 Tom Latter Tom Latter 
16:00-18:00 Pinoy Life Aileen Alonzo and Jun Concepcion 
18:00-18:15 Weekend Roundup RTHK Newsroom  
18:15-18:30 Hong Kong Heritage Annemarie Evans 
18:30-18:45 Reflections From Asia Harvey Stockwin 
18:45-19:00 Book Club Rhashan Stone reads 12 Years a Slave the memoir of Solomon Northup 
19:00-20:00 Saptahik Sandesh Chura Thapa  
20:00-21:00 Hong Kong Ki Shaam Abid Ali Baig  
21:00-22:00 Pete's Private Collection Peter King  
22:00-23:00 Sunday Late Kevin Lewis 
23:00-23:10 News at Eleven RTHK Newsroom 
23:10-02:00 Sunday Late Kevin Lewis 
02:00-06:00 Night Music -  
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