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Doming Lam’s Piano Classics 樂培培樂──林樂培鋼琴作品展演 (29/8 Mon 星期一 8pm at Academic Community Hall, Hong Kong Baptist University 香港浸會大學大學會堂)

Founding Father of Hong Kong’s contemporary music scene Doming Lam will be 90 years old on 5 August. At this performance entitled ‘Doming Lam’s Piano Classics’, a number of the Maestro’s works will be performed by his long-term friend and music colleague Nancy Loo. Some other distinguished musicians will also appear in this free concert. Make sure not to miss the pre-concert talk to discover more about the music and the man behind it.


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The rain it raineth – A Shakespeare Journey in Words and Music 唱•誦•莎士比亞 (2/9 Fri 星期五 8pm at RTHK Studio One 香港電台廣播大廈一號錄播室)

This year Radio 4 will be marking the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. The rain it raineth – A Shakespeare Journey in Words and Music will present a rich tapestry of themes in words and music. In the spotlight will be two wonderful young HK singers – Vivian Yau and Jasper Sung, both former Young Music Makers. They are joined by two narrators, Naomi Lawrence and Radio 4’s Jonathan Douglas. Together they will take the audience on an unforgettable journey, taking in many of Shakespeare’s best known songs, scenes and characters. An evening not to be missed.


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路德維 Louis Lee
Madly Musical 非常音樂家 (Sun 星期日 10am)

Photo © Arthur Mak

Join Louis Lee and his friends, Dr. Arthur Mak from the Department of Psychiatry, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Dr. Vincent Cheung, from the School of Biomedical Sciences, CUHK in Madly Musical (Cantonese programme) for their discussions on health and classical music composers. Tune in every Sunday at 10am to know more about common mental health, and to clarify some misunderstandings.



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David Gwilt 紀大衛
Musical Exchange 談天論樂 (Mon 星期一 8pm)

Don’t miss the English series of Musical Exchange which will be brought to you this month by the versatile and witty David Gwilt.


1/8: How Best to Listen to Music (with Chan Hing-yan and Daniel Chua)

8/8: National Traits in Music (with Chan Wing-wah and Giorgio Biancorosso)

15/8: The Value of Competitive Music Making (with Adrian Walter and Nancy Loo)

22/8: Chamber Music versus Orchestral Music (with Elvis Chan and Richard Bamping)

29/8: The Role of Government in the Arts (with Gordon Siu, Richard Tsang and Michael MacLeod)

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Turkish musicians playing to accompany the Sufi ritual in ‘Istanbul 2007’ 在「伊斯坦堡2007」中,土耳其音樂家為蘇菲教派儀式演奏
Songs of the Earth 大地之歌 (Sun 星期日 12noon)

The metaphor of the Silk Road has been at the centre of a great deal of creative endeavours and geopolitical ambitions in recent years, and music has rarely been absent. Starting from August on Sunday at noon, Songs of the Earth, hosted by Wong Chuenfung in Cantonese, will bring to its listeners a series of 13 episodes of musical sounds from traditions across the Silk Road.

「絲綢之路」向來是個靈活的文化概念。歐亞大陸各自稱是絲路成員的國家與民族,大概各有自己一套關於絲路歷史與文化內涵的說法。近年隨着美國的絲路合奏團(Silk Road Ensemble)和阿迦汗基金會(Aga Khan Foundation)等文藝團體的推廣,中亞細亞和中東等絲路核心地帶的聲音,日漸為世界音樂聽眾所熟悉。所謂「絲綢之路」,是否一種籠統的音樂風格?抑或是學者和音樂家的歷史想像?還是政商權貴挪用的市場和戰略概念?民族音樂學家黃泉鋒會在「大地之歌」節目詳細解說。

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Radio 4 on YouTube 你可以在 YouTube 欣賞第四台錄影節目

RTHK Radio 4 YouTube channel is opened! Here is the first video "A Philadelphia – Hong Kong Encounter".

第四台的音樂會影片將會陸續上載到 YouTube,第一炮是「費城―香港•音樂邂逅」。

Radio 4 on YouTube 第四台的 YouTube 頻道

節目時間表 Programme Schedule

時間 Time 節目 Programme 主持 Presenter(s)
06:00-07:00 Aubade
07:00-10:00 Music Infusion 樂樂無窮 Ben Pelletier 彭 禮 傑 
10:00-12:00 Play by Ear 週末隨想 Synthia Ko 高德儀 
12:00-13:00 Artbeat Jonathan Douglas 杜格尊  
13:00-14:00 Music à la Carte 午間精點 Daphne Lee/ Rebecca Siu/ Kathy Lam/ Tina Ma 李德芬/ 蕭程佳明/ 林家琦/ 馬盈盈 
14:00-16:00 R4 Buddies 四台插班生 Raymond Chung 鍾子豪 
16:00-17:00 Collage 點指美樂  
17:00-18:00 All or Nothing 情有獨鍾 Ben Pelletier / Tina Ma 彭禮傑/馬盈盈 
18:00-18:15 Arts News 藝壇快訊  
18:15-19:00 All or Nothing 情有獨鍾  
19:00-20:00 Cantilena 自投羅網 Nancy Loo 羅乃新  
20:00-22:00 Live on 4 第四台音樂會  
22:00-00:00 Chamber Fragrance 寫意室樂 Ben Pelletier / Rebecca Siu 彭禮傑 / 蕭程佳明 
00:00-02:00 Cool Trax [Merge with Radio 3]
02:00-06:00 Night Music (Merge with Radio 3) -  
  • 放大 ZoomA Philadelphia – Hong Kong Encounter 費城―香港•音樂邂逅
  • 放大 ZoomArtist-in-Residence: Zhang Ying 駐台演奏家:張瑩
  • 放大 ZoomRTHK Radio 4 Chinese Instruments Scholarship 香港電台第四台中國樂器獎學金
  • 放大 ZoomRTHK Quartet’s Chinese New Year Concert 香港電台弦樂四重奏 ─ 丙申猴年音樂會
  • 放大 Zoom2015 Top 10 Music Headlines Announcement Ceremony 十大樂聞齊齊選結果揭曉及頒獎禮

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