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Concert by ‘Artist-in-Residence’ Andrew Ling 「駐台演奏家」凌顯祐音樂會 (29/9 Thu 星期四 8pm at RTHK Studio One 香港電台廣播大廈一號錄播室)

Photo © Tugo Cheng

This month, our final ‘Artist-in-Residence’ of the year, violinist and viola player Andrew Ling takes the stage.

The live concert on Thursday, 29 September will be ‘a gathering of my friends and colleagues’ in Andrew’s words, as he has invited Michael Mak, whom he has worked with since high school, and also Hong Kong Philharmonic colleague, cellist Richard Bamping, as guest artists. The programme features Bach’s Sonata for Viola da Gamba; Tchaikovsky’s Piano Trio, ‘an emotional roller coaster’; and a 21st-century work by Andrew’s friend, Finnish composer Magnus Lindberg. It is a repertoire spanning three centuries of music in one evening.



Programme details 節目詳情
Ticket Request Form 門票索取表格
Dennis Wu 胡銘堯
Musical Exchange 談天論樂 (Mon 星期一 8pm)
Photo © Cheung Chi-wai

Don’t miss Musical Exchange (in Cantonese) which will be brought to you by Dennis Wu in September.


9/5 貓奴音樂家
19/9 爵士與咖啡的時光
26/9 是誰搬走了我的樂器?

Programme archive 節目重溫
路德維 Louis Lee
Madly Musical 非常音樂家 (Sun 星期日 10am)

Photo © Arthur Mak

Join Louis Lee and his friends, Dr. Arthur Mak from the Department of Psychiatry, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Dr. Vincent Cheung, from the School of Biomedical Sciences, CUHK in Madly Musical (Cantonese programme) for their discussions on health and classical music composers. Tune in every Sunday at 10am to know more about common mental health, and to clarify some misunderstandings.



Programme archive 節目重溫
Kazakh Ensemble (Ili Normal University, June 2016) 演奏現代風格的哈薩克合奏團(攝於伊犂師範學院,2016年6月)
Songs of the Earth 大地之歌:聽見絲路之三 (Sun 星期日 12noon)

In October, Chuen-Fung Wong, host of Songs of the Earth (Cantonese programme), will play music from Central Asia. The variety of folk, classical, and modern styles will showcase the region’s Islamic influences, Soviet legacy, and nationalist cultural experiments since the fall of the Soviet Union.


Programme archive 節目重溫
Radio 4 on YouTube 第四台錄影節目將陸續上載至 YouTube

"The Rain it Raineth - A Shakespeare Journey in Words and Music" video is available on YouTube.

To mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death in 2016, our performers took the audience on an unforgettable journey, taking in many of his best known songs, scenes, and characters, exploring the rich drama that is human life.

「唱•誦•莎士比亞」音樂會影片已上載到 YouTube。


Radio 4 on YouTube 第四台的 YouTube 頻道

節目時間表 Programme Schedule

時間 Time 節目 Programme 主持 Presenter(s)
06:00-07:00 Aubade
07:00-09:51 Morning Call 清晨妙韻 Jonathan Douglas 杜格尊  
09:51-10:00 Minutes That Matter  
10:00-13:00 Non-stop Classics 美樂無休 Helen Cha/ Ben Pelletier / Stacey Rodda/ Synthia Ko 査海倫/ 彭禮傑 / 盧迪思/ 高德儀  
13:00-14:00 Music à la Carte 午間精點 Daphne Lee/ Tina Ma/ Chu Siu-wai/ Shing Chun-hay 李德芬/ 馬盈盈/ 朱紹威/ 成俊曦 
14:00-16:00 Live on 4 Repeat 第四台音樂會 重播  
16:00-17:30 Four for Classics 四時行樂  
17:30-18:00 Vive la musique classique francaise 法識音樂 Andrew Ling / Joanne Chan 凌顯祐/陳祖泳 
18:00-18:18 Arts News 藝壇快訊
18:18-20:00 Jazz and more... 不太古典 Kathy Lam 林家琦 
20:00-22:00 Live on 4 第四台音樂會  
22:00-23:57 Nocturne 夜心曲 Tina Ma / Livia Lin 馬盈盈/ 凌崎偵 
23:57-00:00 Reflections 晚禱  
00:00-01:00 All The Way With Ray [Merge with Radio 3] Ray Cordeiro  
01:00-06:00 Night Music (Merge with Radio 3) -  
  • 放大 ZoomA Philadelphia – Hong Kong Encounter 費城―香港•音樂邂逅
  • 放大 ZoomArtist-in-Residence: Zhang Ying 駐台演奏家:張瑩
  • 放大 ZoomRTHK Radio 4 Chinese Instruments Scholarship 香港電台第四台中國樂器獎學金
  • 放大 ZoomRTHK Quartet’s Chinese New Year Concert 香港電台弦樂四重奏 ─ 丙申猴年音樂會
  • 放大 Zoom2015 Top 10 Music Headlines Announcement Ceremony 十大樂聞齊齊選結果揭曉及頒獎禮

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