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Hong Kong Today

Presenters: Nick Beacroft and Hugh Chiverton
Interview Highlights

Cameron attacked over Europe issue

In Britain the health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt has spoken out on behalf of his party which is coming under attack from within its own supporters. Mr Hunt went on television to say that the Conservative Party is united and the Prime Minister, David Cameron is showing leadership on Britain's relationship with Europe. He said the Tories were at one on the key issue - the need for change to ensure the UK remained competitive. Tory grandee Lord Howe has accused Mr Cameron of "running scared" of Eurosceptics and losing control of the party. Nick Beacroft asks our UK correspondent Gavin Grey for more.(4.30)

Reovery work at Ya'an

A month has past since a magnitude-7 earthquake shook Ya'an City in Sichuan Province, but it's still a long way until life returns to normal. Tens of thousands of villagers lost their home in the quake, and have to stay in tents while reconstruction goes on. A non-governmental organisation, Habitat for Humanity, is one of the many charitable bodies helping rebuild homes in the area. Hugh Chiverton asks Habitat for Humanity's Managing Director, Kester Yim to tell us more about the progress of reovery in the area. (5.02)

Market commentary

Bryan Curtis asks Andrew Polk, the resident economist of the Conference Board China Center for his views on the markets. (2.23)

Global Economy

Byran Curtis asks our American economics correspondent, Barry Wood for more on global economy.(3.19)

Sports news

The semi-finals of the NBA playoffs got underway this morning with the San Antonio Spurs winning game one against the Memphis Grizzlies. Our North American sports commentator Ray Jovanovich tells us more from San Antonio. (2.05)