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The Hong Kong Connection

Executive Producer: Danny SIT
Sai Yeung Choi Street South in Mongkok was designated as a Pedestrian Area every day for 13 years. It became quite a hot spot, a venue for Street Theatre. But now, vehicular traffic has returned. .... More
The Independent Commission Against Corruption, the ICAC, was formed in February 1974. On its 40th anniversary, we review some of its accomplishments and look at a big challenge it is currently fa .... More
Press Freedom in Hong Kong, according to Reporters Without Borders, is on the decline. Two controversial personnel changes in the media recently seem to attest to the validity of the statement. .... More
Young people in Mainland China now have the opportunity of going to university in Taiwan. We will meet a few of them to see how they are doing and what they think of life on the island. Produ .... More
More and more people from Mainland China are becoming permanent residents in Hong Kong. People’s Daily has referred to them as New Hongkongers, new blood to sustain Hong Kong’s growth .... More
Bo Xi-lai was once the top dog in China’s direct-controlled municipality of Chongqing. He has fallen from grace. Was he a hero or a villain? How is the city now without him? Producer: C .... More
There are 24 country parks in Hong Kong. Scattered among them are 52 old indigenous villages, most of which look oddly derelict and out of place. They are referred to as “Enclaves”. .... More
We have on several occasions talked about the ethnic minorities in Hong Kong. This time, we focus on education for the young people among them. In Fermi Wong, a social worker, they have a champio .... More
The Government introduced the Integrated Education Scheme ten years ago in an effort to place children with learning difficulties into the mainstream school system. So far, not much success can b .... More
Internationally, Hong Kong has never been a force to be reckoned with in football, the beautiful game. Project Phoenix, introduced by the Government four years ago, was designed to change all tha .... More
Food safety has led to an awakening of consciousness in Taiwan and Hong Kong. The questions are asked: Should the agricultural industry be revived? Can we challenge the economics of mass producti .... More
Even as people the world over are becoming increasingly aware of food safety, more and more tainted foodstuff is appearing on the market. Why? What lessons on food safety can we learn from scient .... More
The Hong Kong SAR Government has been gradually bringing traditional Chinese medicine back to the medical system. Leading practitioners of modern medicine have proved there are significant advant .... More
Urban renewal is going on in earnest in Hong Kong. For the SAR as a whole, this can only mean improvement, but for the residents and shopkeepers within the areas involved, urban renewal is a &lsq .... More
Kwu Tung is a town in the north-eastern part of the New Territories, an area earmarked for redevelopment. The people there are facing imminent removal with trepidation. Producer: Yip Man More
The glitzy lights in Hong Kong at night have few peers in brightness, but Hong Kong as a city has few peers in Light Pollution as well. Producer: Choy Yuk-ling More
Controversy has once again erupted in Hong Kong over the Executive Council’s decision not to grant Hong Kong Television Network a broadcasting licence. There is a demand to know how th .... More
The people who do speak are volunteers dedicated to helping mentally challenged children express themselves through the art of pottery, which is, in essence, speaking with clay. Producer: Kwo .... More
Hong Kong as a society is becoming split. On the active political scene, protagonists and antagonists of the establishment are often engaged in heated altercation. In intervening, are the police .... More
Little farming is done in Hong Kong now, at least not the traditional kind. Farmers have gone on to do various other things, but what has happened to their faithful friends, the cattle? Produ .... More
Government statistics show that emigration is on the rise again in Hong Kong. In the first six months of this year, 3900 left. In numbers, this is nothing compared with the exodus in earlier year .... More
The woman’s place is at home and it’s the man’s job to bring home the bacon.’ Fewer and fewer people in the modern world seem to subscribe to such conservative thinking an .... More
For a good number of years, expectant mothers from the mainland have been coming to Hong Kong to give birth to their children so that these children can become permanent residents. Having achieve .... More
The 1st of October, China’s National Day, was marred by a tragedy in Hong Kong waters off the shores of Lamma Island last year. A collision led to the sinking of a ferry. 39 people died. A .... More
In China at present, people audaciously challenging the establishment by petitioning for justice can be arrested for anything from disturbing the peaceto sedition. In this documentary, a look is .... More
With Hong Kong being a special administrative region of China, Chinese has become a prerequisite for advancement in the mainstream education system. To children of the ethnic minorities, however, .... More
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