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The Hong Kong Connection

Executive Producer: Danny SIT
Swathes of the countryside in the New Territories are now occupied by container depots, storage sites, garages and the like. Known as Brownfield, such land is expanding. Its total area is now alr .... More
There are 234 empty school structures in HK. Many of them have been left to gather dust for over 35 years. Why is such precious space being wasted? How can the lifeless premises be revitalised .... More
 On the first day of the Lunar New Year, rioting broke out in Mongkok when the police attempted to evict food vendors from the area. The incident has once again brought the polarisation in H .... More
 The people of Hong Kong work long hours, arguably longer than people anywhere else in the world. Are they happy? Is anything being done to keep the lengthening working day in check? Prod .... More
Ugly scenes erupted recently in Shum Shui Po when officers from the Food and Environment Hygiene Department were confronted by angry hawkers. Producer: Jackie Yip More
There is heated debate over the Copyright Amendment draft bill that has just been tabled at the Legislative Council. Basically, it is a debate between copyright protection and freedom of expressi .... More
 In October last year, five staffers of a bookstore in Causeway Bay went missing under mysterious circumstances. There is some evidence five are on the mainland, but their exact whereabouts .... More
Mark Mak, the champion of fireflies in Hong Kong, is no longer fighting his battles alone. He is happily married and has a son. Producer: Choy Yuk-ling More
Mark Mak is an unusual young man. A conservationist, he’s a champion of fireflies and the founder of the Firefly Museum on Lantau Island. Producer: Choy Yuk-ling More
In Hong Kong, as in other cities all over the world, there are many critically ill people in desperate need of organ transplantation. Our organ donation rate, however, is among the lowest in the .... More
Thanks to medical science, intellectually impaired people are able to live longer. This is good news. But on the flip side of the progress, caring for them is putting their families and social se .... More
 Europe is in the grip of an unprecedented crisis, overwhelmed by a seemingly endless influx of refugees every day. Producer: Michelle Chan More
There are problems with tree management in Hong Kong. Understanding the importance of greening and the value of the trees among them, many people are voicing their concern. Producer: Kwong C .... More
 As armed conflict in Syrian continues, the European Union is in the grip of an unprecedented crisis in the form of a seemingly endless influx of refugees. A Hong Kong Connection team went o .... More
The 2015 District Council Elections finished in November, with both the establishmentarian and the pan-democratic camps celebrating victory with newcomers. Could this be the advent of a new era? .... More
It’s the child’s right to play, says the United Nations, and children should ideally be allowed to play for at least one hour per day. Many young parents in Hong Kong are taking this .... More
Excessive lead found in drinking water at 11 housing estates and several educational institutions has brought about an outcry in Hong Kong. The Gov't have taken a series of remedial measures but .... More
Incense is all the rage in China. The trees that produce it in the wild are virtually all gone. Poachers are now coming across the border to plunder Hong Kong’s healthy woods and country pa .... More
The World Health Organisation says that the people of Hong Kong are consuming far too much salt and sugar. In response, the Government has begun a campaign to increase public awareness, and at le .... More
China’s new macro-economic policy has tapped into a considerable pool of idle cash in the possession of a large army of middle-aged women affectionately called dama. These mothers and grand .... More
China’s one-child policy has been in place for over 30 years?  Has it worked?  Yes, if we consider only controlling population growth.  But that’s not what we should do .... More
Hong Kong was for over two decades plagued by an influx of Vietnamese seeking refuge. The problem seems to be over now, but while many Vietnamese refugees have integrated admirably into life in H .... More
Japan is reportedly on the cusp of foregoing pacifism. Despite what Prime Minister Abe is doing to amend the country’s defence policy, the voice of opposition is strong, particularly from t .... More
The 2nd World War ended in 1945 and with it, China’s 8-year war of resistance against Japanese invasion also came to an end. As Beijing commemorates victory in style this year, there are yo .... More
Singapore has just celebrated its 50th anniversary ... without Lee Kuan Yew, the premier who passed away on March this year. The new leadership will be embracing Lee’s legacy, but the new e .... More
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