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The Hong Kong Connection

Executive Producer: Danny SIT
Singapore has just celebrated its 50th anniversary ... without Lee Kuan Yew, the premier who passed away on March this year. The new leadership will be embracing Lee’s legacy, but the new e .... More
By law, all residential buildings that have reached the age of 30 have to be inspected for safety reasons. To pass the inspection, maintenance invariably has to be done ... and this can be very c .... More
At the construction site of the Shatin to Central Link To Kwa Wan Station, a treasure trove of relics and articles of high historical significance has been found. Should construction continue? .... More
Beijing is plagued by serious air pollution. The concerted efforts to spruce up the city for the 2008 Olympics have had little lasting effect. The city seems constantly shrouded in haze . .... More
We get to know some of the law graduates at the University of Hong Kong in 1986. Most of them now lawyers in .... More
We get to know some of the law graduates at the University of Hong Kong in 1986. Most of them now lawyers in their prime, they have personally witnessed and experienced the historic handover o .... More
Social enterprises are supposed to be viable businesses that are also altruistic. There are over 400 of them in Hong Kong now, but even with government subsidies, many are struggling. Produ .... More
Many in Hong Kong are making an effort to ensure that the June 4th Incident in Beijing 25 years ago will not be erased from history. They are doing so for the sake of Hong Kong. Produ .... More
Twenty-five years have passed, but the powers that be in China have still failed to face up to the June 4th Incident. But try as they might, they really can’t prevent people from thinking a .... More
The political atmosphere in Hong Kong now is such that the police often find themselves physically standing between two opposing camps ... the democrats and the establishmentarians. They are our .... More
The pro-democracy Occupy Movement in Hong Kong is not confined to Central District anymore. It is spreading, and the colourful umbrellas held up by the protesters have captured the imagination of .... More
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