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Hong Kong Connection

Executive Producer: Danny SIT
According to the latest EPD figure, the amount of waste per person disposed daily keeps increasing, which is the worst in a decade. The EPD announced waste-charging legislation should be enacted .... More
STEM education is now the new trend. EDB has put resources to encourage schools to launch this program in order to train the communicating thinking of students. What problems do the teachers face .... More
Big Data, massive gathering and analyzing of data in real time, allows us addressing some of humanity biggest challenges. This documentary captures the promise and peril of this extraordinary kno .... More
The Government has permitted foreign domestic helpers to work in Hong Kong since the 1970's to meet the shortage of local full-time live-in domestic helpers. Currently, there are over 350 000 fo .... More
According to the media, Xiao Jianhua, the founder of a financial group named Tomorrow Holdings, was suspected to be abducted by the Chinese authorities. The incident happened a year after the di .... More
Food is always an important item in celebrating the New Year’s ... perhaps more so in Hong Kong than anywhere else. Hawkers of culinary delights are by and large welcome in most grassroots .... More
Enjoying tea and dim sum is very much a part of Hong Kong’s Cantonese culture. But few if any restaurant can last for 80 years like Shun Hing. Producer: Flora Yeung More
Residential flats in Hong Kong seem to be getting smaller and smaller. Many of them are designed to be studio flats. Though expensive, they are in great demand. More
There is no lack of human rights lawyers and advocates in China, but as the crackdown on the 9th of July last year showed, challenging the authorities is a risky proposition. More
There’s good news to report about life in Hong Kong. Home Owners Corporations of a number of housing estates seem to be improving in accordance with the principles of democracy. Produc .... More
When it comes to technology, Hong Kong does not rank very high in the world. But there is really no lack of talent. The question is how to keep them and how to fund research and development. .... More
A new era of education has dawned in Hong Kong. Some educators are welcoming it with enthusiasm. Meet them and learn about some of the challenges they face. Producer: Flora Yeung More
Much is happening in Hong Kong’s political scene. A new Chief Executive is to be elected in March next year ... an election decided not by 7 million people, but by a small Election Committee. .... More
Meet Ricky Yu, a man dedicated to helping people in need. Be introduced to ‘Light Be’, the social enterprise he has founded, and learn about his projects ‘light homes’ and .... More
In the 1940’s, the British colonial government set up a closed area as a buffer zone at the border in the New Territories. Today, the SAR Government has decided to open up a good portion of it f .... More
The Government is cracking down on unauthorised use of space in industrial buildings. To start with, eleven buildings are targeted. For the entertainment establishments, eateries and even churche .... More
Not many people are aware there are babies born with disorders of sex development, or DSD. They are also known as intersex babies. Intersex are hardly ever openly discussed. Few if any relevan .... More
The National People’s Congress has, for the fifth time, intervened in the Hong Kong judiciary by interpreting the Basic Law.  The reason this time was the bizarre way two young newly e .... More
China’s One Belt One Road is an ambitious initiative. President Xi Jin-ping has reassured all partner countries that China’s goal is happiness for all. Do Myanmar and Iran find his reassurance .... More
We continue with China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ this week by taking a look at what people in Kazakhstan and Vietnam think. Do they buy into President Xi Jin-ping’s pitch that the initiative will b .... More
China has become an economic powerhouse, and it is trying to create a new geopolitical order from Asia to Europe to challenge the dominance of the west. ‘One Belt, One Road’ is apparently a stra .... More
Eddie Chu is a new Legislative Councillor, having won his seat easily in the New Territories West. Never afraid to speak his mind, he has already ruffled the feathers of many powerful people. .... More
 China’s Cultural Revolution was, according to the powers that be, ‘10 years of turmoil’ ... ten years of rampaging red guards and destruction of the nation’s age-old .... More
  A man-made disaster befell China in May 1966. It lasted for some ten years. To be fair, ‘disaster’ .... More
 How much do we know about the history of Hong Kong? Should we refer to Britain’s account or China’s account? Neither, say many Hong Kong people of this generation. They want to .... More
Swathes of the countryside in the New Territories are now occupied by container depots, storage sites, garages and the like. Known as Brownfield, such land is expanding. Its total area is now a .... More
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